Grandia I and II Coming to Nintendo Switch

Developer GungHo has announced that Grandia, originally released in 1997 on the Sega Saturn, and Grandia II, originally released in 2000 on the Dreamcast, will be getting HD remasters on the Nintendo Switch. PC will also be getting Grandia I HD Edition, which will join the 2015 remastered version of Grandia II on Steam. No release date has been announced at this time.

Grandia is a JRPG which focuses on an adventurer named Justin who follows in his father’s footsteps in attempts to chart the entire world, despite his father’s disappearance whilst adventuring. On his travels, Justin encounters a number of colorful party members and militaristic villains. Grandia II has players take control of Ryudo, a mercenary who has been hired by the Church of Granas to escort their Songstress, Elena, to a sacred ceremony when things go awry and they are thrust into a good-versus-evil adventure.

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    really… only on switch?! what a waste.

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