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Grandia HD Remaster Now Available on PC

The remaster of the first Grandia game is now out on PC via Steam. Its release also heralds a rename for the PC version of the second game’s remaster for the purposes of consistency.

Grandia HD Collection Coming to Switch This Month

GungHo Online Entertainment has announced a Switch release date for the Grandia HD Collection, and it’s not far away at all. Owners of Nintendo’s hybrid console will get to play Grandia I and II in just over a week.

Grandia I and II Coming to Nintendo Switch

Classic JRPGs Grandia I and II are making their way to the Switch in the form of HD remasters, with the first game joining its successor on PC. No official release date has been announced for either.

Grandia II Anniversary Edition Review

Grandia II’s Anniversary Edition provides those RPGamers who missed it before the chance to try out the Game Arts classic. One such RPGamer is here with his thoughts on the title.

Grandia III Retroview

The journey of Alfina to fulfill her Communicator duties while Yuki flies around the world is not compelling in the slightest. Fortunately, it does not have to be, for killing the denizens of the world is constantly captivating, as this review demonstrates.

Grandia Xtreme Retroview

Remember when it was Xciting to be Xtreme? Read this Xhiliratingly Xpressive review, and reflect on the Xtinguishing of Grandia’s Xcellent Xtreme phase.

Grandia III Review

The latest incarnation of the Grandia series hits shelves in a few days. Come see if Grandia III is grand, grandiose, or a little bit o’ both.