RPG Backtrack Episode 220: Grand Game Arts

After learning some things with Lunar, Game Arts created a series called Grandia that has quite a bit to recommend.  We have some new points of view eager to chime in on this series today.

Games covered:

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5 Responses

  1. dawgparty dawgparty says:

    Did I somehow miss it or did Grandia II get skipped?

  2. Scar Scar says:

    Maybe aliens have removed -redacted- from our memories…

  3. Knowname Knowname says:

    YES! Thank you for ending the ep with the G3 pop theme xD it totally one uped the FF13 pop theme which it was obviously made to counter lol no really that song is great, intro to Wild Arms 3 is great (even better there’s like 20 versions!) and recently I’ve grown to like the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Ariana Grande colab… really helps that I was submitted to it by playing the game a ton, but I was touchin it all day love the pun! lol

    Wanted to say the two most annoying english voices in Grandia 1 (imo, Baal and that rabbit) where done by Scott Beers. I don’t know why I remember that name.

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