A New Cinematic Trailer Sets the Stage for Crystar’s Launch

A new four-minute trailer released by Japanese publisher FuRyu lets players sample some of the sights and sounds the upcoming Crystar has to offer. Developed by Gemdrops, the game focuses on protagonist Rei Hatada, who makes a deal with a dark creature named Anamnesis to win back her sister Mirai’s soul, whom Rei accidentally kills while in the world of Limbo. The game uses Rei’s tears in several of its gameplay systems, including combat and to purify the cries of spirits she has slain, turning them into equippable items. The trailer also features playable characters Kokoro Fudoji and Sen Megumiba, two girls who have both suffered tragic losses in their lives, as well as Nanana, Mephis, and Pheles, several NPC denizens of Limbo who also play parts in Rei’s story.

Crystar will release in Japan on October 18, 2018, exclusively on the PlayStation 4. No announcement has yet been made concerning a release outside of Japan.



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