Spike Chunsoft Offers More Zanki Zero Media, Details

Shortly after releasing a video of the game’s first ten minutes, Spike Chunsoft has provided additional videos, screenshots, and information for its upcoming survival dungeon-crawler Zanki Zero. The videos, viewable below and both in Japanese, consist of a gameplay video introducing the garage hub area of the game, plus an overview trailer hosted by in-game characters¬†Sho Terashima and Mirai that goes over the title’s various aspects.

In addition, the company also revealed details about parasites named clione. These parasites can be seen as tentacle-like growths on the beings that wander around the game’s ruins. These parasites offer special powers in return for being able to feed on the energy of their host. As players progress through the game, they will be offered to opportunity to implant clione onto the party members’ bodies and gain access to these powers. Using them, however, will corrode the host’s body and may result in their deaths (requiring them to be resurrected by the Extend Machine).

Spike Chunsoft also provided some information about the game’s combat and controls. Basic attacks are automatically aimed at whatever enemies are front of the player. Weapons have cool-downs before they can attack again, with different weapons having different length cool-downs. Charge attacks, meanwhile, use up stamina to unleash more powerful strikes, however, these are not aimed automatically so players will need to align themselves properly before unleashing these. The upside to this is that players can aim at and break specific body parts on enemies, which can both prevent certain attacks from being used and result in better rewards upon the enemy’s defeat defeat.

Finally, the hub garage features sleeping quarters where the party can restore their health. Characters are assigned to rooms, and by pairing characters up in these rooms, players can unlock events and gain temporary bonuses to either those particular characters or the entire party depending on the event.

Zanki Zero will be released in Japan on July 5, 2018, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Spike Chunsoft will also be releasing the game in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4 and PC, with no release date announced.





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