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Whatcha Playing: April 2019

Whatcha Playing is back for April and the staff is playing a wide variety of games. Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists is drawing mixed opinions from several staffers while Chocobo Mystery Dungeon, Zanki Zero, and even Mortal Kombat are vying for the staff’s attention.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Review

Spike Chunsoft’s newest title sees it teaming up with Lost Dimension developer Lancarse for dungeon-crawler Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. Its hypothetical advances in cloning technology certainly come with caveats, not least the end of the world.

Zanki Zero Out Now on PC, PS4

It’s not a complete cure for the cloning blues, but at least Spike Chunsoft’s survival dungeon-crawler Zanki Zero is out now in North America and Europe. The game’s launch comes with a brief trailer.

Zanki Zero Demo Available This Week

With only a thirteen-day lifespan, the eight survivors will need to uncover the mysteries of Garage Island quickly. Luckily they can be cloned, which helps, since in Zanki Zero, death is everywhere.

Zanki Zero Delayed to April

Spike Chunsoft’s dungeon-crawling RPG Zanki Zero has been delayed a bit. The game is now set to hit North America and Europe in early April.

Zanki Zero Details Growth Systems

Having a party made up of clones who die after thirteen days seems like a significant barrier to progress. Fortunately, there are multiple ways for the next generation to become stronger than the last.

July Japanese Date for Zanki Zero

Zanki Zero now has a release date in Japan. The wait is long enough for its characters to go through several generations, but that’s not actually saying much.

Zanki Zero’s Cast Introduced

Fresh off the announcement of a western release, some new details have emerged for Spike Chunsoft’s Zanki Zero. The game’s main cast receives brief introductions and portraits.