Spike Chunsoft Reveals Zanki Zero Details

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Spike Chunsoft revealed plenty of details about its upcoming RPG Zanki Zero. Development of the game is being primarily handled by studio Lancarse, which recently developed tactical RPG Lost Dimension, though some members of the Danganronpa team are also on board.

Zanki Zero is set on Gareki Island, with players starting with a group of eight characters and a base that only has a water supply station. In order for the cast to survive, they need to gain stronger and add more facilities to the base. The eight characters are clones of the last members of humanity, though there will be other characters supporting them. All of the characters are themed on one of the seven deadly sins, with the eighth character based on “original sin”.

Each of the clones has a shortened lifespan, growing old and dying in just thirteen days. Clones will also die if their HP reaches zero, but if the rest of the survivors do the correct procedure, they can be revived by a special machine. Gareki Island has a broadcast called Extend TV that provides guidance and missions to the characters. The island is also home to various dungeon ruins that players progress through in real-time, with the game featuring an action-oriented combat system.

Zanki Zero is planned for release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan in summer 2018. No announcement has been made at this time regarding a western release.


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