Zanki Zero Details Growth Systems

Spike Chunsoft released new details and Japanese screenshots for its upcoming dungeon-crawling survival RPG Zanki Zero. The details primarily focus on character growth, detailing the game’s Shigabane and skill systems, as well as how players can upgrade facilities on Gareki Island.

The characters of Zanki Zero are all clones with shorterned lifespans of just thirteen days. However, these clones can be resurrected with a special machine, retaining their memories and abilities. On top of this, new clones will have a feature called “Shigabane” that grants extra resistances based on how the previous clone died. For example, being killed by an animal will grant future damage resistance against creatures of that type, while dying from being poisoned will grant extra resistance to poison to the next clone. This lets later generations of clones explore further and defeat strogner enemies.

Characters in Zanki Zero do not gain attribute boosts when they level up with attributes instead being based on the age of the character. However, levelling up does grant skill points, which can be spent on various skills divided into three groups: combat, exploration, and crafting. Some skills will only apply to certain ages, however, like Shigabane, skills will carry over between generations of clones, resulting the later generations being stronger.

Players will also be able to upgrade the facilities at the home base on the island. To upgrade facilities, players need to gather resources and unlock the requistite skills. These facilties provide various benefits; for example, a workshop lets players craft and enhance weapons and armour, while upgrading the kitchen lets players creating more effective recovery items.

Zanki Zero will be released in Japan on July 5, 2018, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Spike Chunsoft will also be releasing the game in North America and Europe under the full title Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, but for PlayStation 4 and PC with no release date announced.



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