Square Enix Details New SaGa Scarlet Grace Features

Square Enix held a new developer interview where it revealed more details and showed some gameplay for SaGa Scarlet Grace – Hiiro no Yabou, the upcoming enhanced version of Japan-only PlayStation Vita title SaGa Scarlet Grace. The details also came with a new batch of screenshots, highlighting the new features as well as event scenes and gameplay.

For those who completed the original game, there is a survey where players can check off boxes for the protagonists whose stories were cleared, which lets players see events that require those stories be completed to view. The new version also includes a New Game+ mode, where players can choose to carry over skills and skill ranks as well as unlocked roles, battle formations, and industrial development progress. Certain things, such as cleared protagonist stories (including those chosen in the initial survey), count of times the game is completed, and enemy and skill names are always carried over.

The new version of the game also includes a trade-in shop for unneeded items, though the items available to trade in differ between towns. Players can also visit an agency and send unused party members on various jobs. Those sent on jobs will not be available for combat, but the agency will provide payment upon their return. The game also features extra scenes in plazas that include a poet detailing legends and affairs of the local region, two-person dramas revealing legends and myths, and a weapon enthusiast that rewards players if they show him particular weapons.

Hiiro no Yabou is set to be released in Japan on August 2, 2018, for PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. The different versions will feature different graphical, control, and achievement feature sets, which are detailed in the following table:

PS4 Switch PC iOS Android
Resolution 1080p
(PS4 Pro: 4K)
Docked: 1080p
Handheld: 720p
Configurable Differs by model Differs by model
Max Frame Rate 60 fps 60 fps 60 fps 60 fps 60 fps
Textures High res. High res. High res. Standard res. Standard res.
Opening Movie Yes Yes Includes video file
Achievements Trophies Supported Supported
Supported Controllers DualShock 4, etc. Joy-Cons, Switch Pro Controller XInput, DirectInput, Steam Controller Unity standard Unity standard
Controller Vibration Yes Yes Yes
Controller Sound Effects Yes

SaGa Scarlet Grace was the first new mainline SaGa title in over a decade when it was originally released for PlayStation Vita in 2016. The game uses a strategic battle system and sees players choose between four protagonists, with a world and scenario that changes based on the player’s choices. As well as the features detailed above, Hiiro no Yabou adds an extra story scenario, new voice acting, new characters, new music, and other elements. No official announcement has been been made regarding a potential localisation, though director Akitoshi Kawazu has stated that an English release is planned.




Source: Gematsu


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