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Ys Origin Review

The Nintendo Switch is only the latest of numerous consoles that Ys Origin has graced. Despite the game’s age, it’s worth a visit to ancient Ys history.

Ys Origin Coming to Switch

Ys Origin, the prequel to the action RPG series, is coming to Switch. The game will launch on the console later this year, with RPGamers in North America able to pre-order physical editions from tomorrow.

Ys Origin Finds Release Date on Xbox One

DotEmu has a released date set for Nihon Falcom’s Ys prequel. Not only that, but the patient fans waiting for the Xbox One version can expect to see some new, exclusive content.

Ys Origin Heading to Xbox One

Ys is making the leap to the Xbox One for the first time and should be arriving on the console shortly. In the meantime, there is a brief trailer to get RPGamers excited.

Ys Origin Review

With Ys VIII on the horizon, DotEmu has brought the series’ distant prequel to PlayStation 4. Ys Origin offers a good opportunity for players to see what the series is about ahead of the release of its newest title.

Ys Origin Review

When navigating a massive tower that ascends high into the sky, logical questions shouldn’t intrude. They do nevertheless, and figuring out where those poisonous pools and slippery sand dunes came from is enough to keep many minds awake all night.

Ys Origin Review

How can this be an Ys game without Adol? Well it is, and it’s pretty darn impressive even without a certain red-headed hero.