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Three More Launch Trailers Released

With a large batch of new releases this week, there is also a large batch of new launch trailers. Three more have arrived for West of Loathing, Smoke and Sacrifice, and Songbringer.

West of Loathing Review

After bringing stick-figure adventures to Steam last year, Asymmetric Publications takes its Wild West Kingdom of Loathing spin-off to Switch. Fortunately, there’s a lot more to it than simply rummaging through filthy spittoons.

West of Loathing Rolls onto Switch Next Week

Stick-figure RPG West of Loathing is making its console debut next week. Demon cows, sinister clowns, and filthy spitoons are just a few of the things that the game is bringing to Nintendo Switch.

The Banner Saga, West of Loathing Coming to Switch

Though shorter than the recent Direct, the latest Nindies Showcase still featured some RPG news. A comedic western RPG and trilogy of more serious Viking RPGs are heading to Switch.