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NACON Acquires Midgar Studio

Publisher NACON has picked up another French studio. Edge of Eternity developer Midgar Studio is the latest one to be snapped up.

Edge of Eternity Receives Update

A free update is available for Dear Villagers and Midgar Studio’s Edge of Eternity on PC. The update comes with a new trailer that includes the first console footage of the game.

Edge of Eternity Fully Launches for PC

Dear Villagers and Midgar Studio’s Edge of Eternity has at last been fully released on PC. Console versions will arrive later this year.

Edge of Eternity Gets New Gameplay Footage

Edge of Eternity received some new gameplay footage ahead of its full PC release in a few weeks. RPGamers can join Daryon’s actor Micah Solusod for an introduction to multiple elements of the game.

Edge of Eternity Enters Beta Phase

Midgar Studio’s Edge of Eternity has entered its beta phase. The Steam Early Access version now contains roughly half of the planned content for the full release and is on sale for a limited time.

Edge of Eternity Arrives on Early Access

Midgar Studio and Playdius’ Edge of Eternity is now available on Steam Early Access. The Early Access version initially lets players access the game’s first chapter, with its next big update planned for February.

Edge of Eternity Hits Early Access in November

Edge of Eternity is coming to Steam Early Access later this year, with Kickstarter backers getting an even earlier look next month. It remains to be seen how long it will take for a full release.