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Black Book Releasing on iOS

Morteshka and HypeTrain Digital are bringing Black Book to iOS. The Slavic card-based adventure RPG will launch on the Apple App Store in late April.

Jack Move Review

Jack Move is a cyberpunk RPG that is reminiscent of pixel JRPGs and the ’80s. While its short adventure and soundscape are enjoyable, a clichéd story fails to stand out.

Jack Move Launching in September

Cyberpunk RPG Jack Move has been given release dates. The game will hit PC and Mac in early September, with console versions to follow shortly after.

Jack Move Prologue Demo Released

A free prologue demo is available on Steam for cyberpunk RPG Jack Move. The full game is planned to launch later this year on PC, Mac, and consoles.

Tunche Out Now

Beat-’em-up roguelite Tunche is out now. The game sees players trying to bring peace back to the Amazon rainforest and includes local co-op.

Black Book Now Available

The myth-soaked Black Book has been opened. Players can now explore the Slavic-inspired card-battling RPG.

Black Book Releasing in August

Story-driven adventure RPG Black Book has been given an August release date. The game is based on Slavic mythology and follows Vasilisa, a young woman who sets out to find the legendary artifact.

Black Book Receives New Media

Morteshka and HypeTrain Digital provided new media for Black Book. The narrative-driven adventure RPG inspired by Slavic mythology is set to launch this summer.

Jack Move PAX Online Impression

So Romantic and HypeTrain Digital released a limited-time demo of sci-fi RPG Jack Move for PAX Online. Using pixel visuals with a cyberpunk touch, Jake Move includes many RPG staples and a promising story.

Cyberpunk RPG Jack Move Announced

Jack Move is a pixel-art turn-based cyberpunk RPG from HypeTrain Digital and So Romantic. The game will be launching next year, but a demo will be available to try out during the Steam Summer Festival.

Kickstarter Check-In: Siralim Ultimate, Black Book

RPGamer’s ad hoc Kickstarter Check-In feature returns for a look at two ongoing crowdfunding campaigns. This edition features Thylacine Studios’ Siralim Ultimate, as well as Morteshka and HypeTrain Digital’s Black Book.