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Phantom Doctrine Review

For a game based on espionage, the Cold War is certainly a fitting setting and one that Phantom Doctrine happily jumps into. It’s not as simple as East vs. West, however, with plenty of threads that need to be untangled.

Phantom Doctrine Provides Gameplay Debrief

Espionage RPG Phantom Doctrine releases later this month for PC and consoles. A new trailer helps details the importance in preparing for missions as players aim to take down a global conspiracy.

Phantom Doctrine Heads to Consoles

A new trailer has been released ahead of E3 for CreativeForge Games’ Phantom Doctrine. Coming with it is the news that the subterfuge-heavy, alternate-history tactical RPG will be releasing on consoles as well as PC.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Out Now

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, the adventure inspired by American folklore, is out now. Both the game and its soundtrack are available to download, arriving with the regular launch discount and trailer.