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Experience Teases Upcoming RPG

Experience president has tweeted new images of upcoming RPG. The current untitled dungeon crawler will be released in Japan sometime in 2019.

Demon Gaze II Review

Demon Gaze has made the jump to console for its second entry. While the platform options may have expanded, the Vita roots are still fully evident in this dungeon crawler.

Stranger of Sword City Review

A small army of first person dungeon crawlers has emerged in recent years, many of them trying to emulate the feel of something from thirty years ago. This one succeeds in its aim of feeling like something from the previous century, though that may not be a good thing.

Ray Gigant Review

Today sees the release of the second of two Vita dungeon-crawlers developed by Experience. Ray Gigant, coming to North America and Europe courtesy of acttil, is much more geared to the newer or more casual player than its counterpart.

Demon Gaze Review

Demon Gaze has its sights set on stealing first-person dungeon crawling fans from the likes of Etrian Odyssey. Find out if it succeeds or just ends up with a black eye.