Live A Live Remake

Previously unreleased outside of Japan, Live A Live gets a Nintendo Switch remake with “HD-2D” graphics. Seven different stories featuring different protagonists, time periods, and gameplay styles await.

Square Enix

Live A Live Review

Square Enix’s Live A Live melds various gameplay and storytelling elements across a variety of scenarios. With its new remake giving it the chance to acquaint itself with modern audiences, the game proves to have stood the test of time.

Game Content

Live A Live Remake Demo Available

A demo finally lets western RPGamers try out Live A Live. Players can access the start of three of its story arcs, with save data transferable to the full game, which launches next month.

Live A Live HD-2D Remake Releasing in July

28 years after its Japanese release, Live A Live is finally heading west. The game is coming to Nintendo Switch in the form of a HD-2D remake.