Dream Tactics Gets New Trailer

Developer Spectra Entertainment released a new trailer for its tactical RPG Dream Tactics. The minute-long video shows some of its gameplay elements, including combat, exploration, and character growth. The release of the video comes with an update to its Steam demo, which now includes a traveling merchant, an upgraded equipment system, a mid-battle save feature, and a hardcore difficulty option.

Dream Tactics sees Neru and her friends fighting against the Pillows, who have taken over the Dream World and put its inhabitants into an unending sleep. Its combat utilises cards on a grid-based battlefield as players control a party of four characters. Each turn players redraw their hand, with multiple cards usable per turn provided players can afford their usage cost. The game is billed as a homage to Game Boy Advance RPGs and is in development for PC. Those looking to read more about Dream Tactics can read Sam Wachter’s impression of its demo.



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