Haruka: Beyond the Stars Announced

Giraffe and Annika developer Atelier Mimina announced its latest project, Haruka: Beyond the Stars. The game is a “juvenile” sci-fi adventure RPG in development for PC (via Steam), PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. It is currently planned to release in English and Japanese in 2025.

Haruka: Beyond the Stars follows protagonist Yuuki and a mysterious girl named Miiya, who set out on an intergalactic adventure exploring different planets. After reaching out to the stars, humanity is now stagnating and dependent on Energy Capsules. Yuuki lives in Spice Village, a base that receives Energy Capsules, and meets Miiya after she crash lands. The two set out in search of Yuuki’s father, who left to investigate the reasons behind humanity’s stagnation.

The game features an episode structure with players exploring various fields and participating in action combat. Players can freely switch between controlling Yuuki and Miiya. Each episode features its own boss fight with their own different gimmicks.




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