Disgaea 7 Gets More Japanese Pre-Launch Media, DLC Info

Nippon Ichi Software released a variety of new media for Disgaea 7 ahead of its launch in Japan this week. The developer provided more character trailers, as well as new screenshots and information about the basic game flow, plus DLC details. Finally, it also put out a new six-minute video showcasing the game’s character classes.

The four character trailers follow those recently released for Fuji, Pirikia, and Wey-yasu. The first shows Seefour, a well-known phantom thief who steals from those connected to the Shogunate. Second is Suisen, who has a mechanical body and is one of the thirteen magistrates of the Shogunate. Third is Ao, a young girl who refers to Fuji as “father” and is wanted by the authorities for destruction she is said to have caused throughout Hinomoto. Finally, Higan Zesshousai has the title for the strongest sword wielder in Hinomoto and loves fighting, but has changed weapons due to becoming tired of always winning.



The game follows the same structure and contains many familiar features as previous titles in the series. Players witness story events before heading into turn-base tactical combat. Players take actions with all of their characters before the enemy takes their turn, with victory coming once all opponents are defeated. Players can lift and throw adjacent characters to move them long distances or climb to high places, with a wide variety of special skills and weapon skills available as well as the potential for team attacks. Disgaea 7′s primary new combat feature is Dodeka MAX, which turns a character into a giant version of themselves.

The primary base in Disgaea 7 is the Netherworld Ship, where players will find the various facilities they need to strengthen their party. Characters can be “reincarnated”, which lets them change to a different class at level 1 while retaining the strength they obtained from their previous class. The same thing can be done with items, provided players complete the relevant Item World, a dungeon hidden within each item.



The game’s DLC will be released in two parts in Japan and will be available through a Season Pass that also includes an item set and another playable character, Pleinair. The main content features new scenarios that introduce the cast of Disgaea 7 to others from previous titles in the series.

Releasing February 2, 2023:

  • The Overlord, The Demon God, and The Sheltered Daughter — Laharl, Etna, and Rozalin
  • The Hot-Blooded Man, the Princess Overlord, and the Dream Girl — Adell, Seraphina, and Fuka
  • The Lord and Servant of Hell, and the Fallen Angel of Love — Mao, Desco, and Axel
  • The Honors student, the Last Boss, and the Former President — Valvatorez, Fenrich, and Flonne

Releasing February 16, 2023:

  • The Kind Demon, the Diva, and the Phantom Thief Angel — Killia, Melodia, and Artina
  • The Zombie Siblings and the Angel Sister — Zed, Bieko, and Sicily
  • The Delinquent, the Curry, and the Gender-Swapped Overlord — Raspberyl, Usalia, and Girl Laharl

Disgaea 7 takes place in the Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster, a netherworld inspired by Japanese culture that is losing its “Bushido” lifestyle after being taken over by the corrupt Oedo Shogunate. The story follows lazy samurai Fuji and Hinomoto otaku Piririka, who collect an odd assortment of allies as they search for the Seven Weapons of Origin in order to defeat the Shogunate. Disgaea 7 releases for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch in Japan on January 26, 2023. No announcement has been currently made regarding a western release.


Source: Gematsu



Seefour Character Trailer


Suisen Character Trailer


Ao Character Trailer


Higan Zesshousai Character Trailer


30-Second Animated Teaser


Character Classes Video


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