Neptunia: Sisters vs. Sisters Trailer Introduces Its Goddess Candidates

Idea Factory International released a new trailer for its upcoming release of Neptunia: Sisters vs. Sisters. The 90-second video introduces the Goddess Candidates — Nepgear, Uni, Rom, and Ram — who take over as the main characters in the spin-off, as well as new characters Maho, Anri, Higurashi, and Shanghai Alice.

Neptunia: Sisters vs. Sisters sees the four younger Goddess Candidates awakening to find that a new smartphone model, the rPhone, has taken over their share of the games market. Nepgear’s older sister Neptune is now missing, while Trendi Outbreaks cause large groups of monsters to appear. Neptunia: Sisters vs. Sisters will release in North America and Europe on January 24, 2023, for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.



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