Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3 Launching in Early January

Square Enix held its latest Letter from the Producer presentation for MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. During the presentation, director and producer Noaki Yoshida, joined by community manager Toshio Murouchi, revealed that its newest major Patch 6.3 update for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will release in early January 2023. He provided some details on the contents of the update, as well as its subsequent planned Patch 6.35 update. The full presentation, in Japanese audio only but with English slides, can be viewed below.

The Patch 6.3 update is titled “Gods Revel, Lands Tremble”. It will continue the new main scenario quest content for the game’s new post-Endwalker story. It will also include the next parts of the Tataru’s Grand Endeavour and Tales of Newfound Adventure sidequest series. Meanwhile, Patch 6.35 will continue the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures as well as providing the next upgrades for the Manderville relic weapons. Patch 6.35 will also more Tribal Quests, with additional crafting quests for the Loporrits.

The main Patch 6.3 will add a new dungeon, the icy Lapis Manalis. The new main scenario content will also add a new eight-player Trial, as well as its Extreme version. Meanwhile, the latest Unreal Trial will be a new highly challenging version of Containment Bay P1T6 against Sophia. In addition, it includes Myths of the Realm: Euphrosyne, the second part of end Endwalker 24-player Alliance Raid series, while the fifth eight-player Ultimate Raid will release two weeks after the main Patch 6.3 update.



Other miscellaneous content in Patch 6.3 includes the addition of the remaining Heavensward main scenario dungeons for the game’s Duty Support System, where players can be accompanied by NPC party members in lieu of other players. There is also a new Leap of Faith map for the Gold Saucer as well as a new treasure hunt dungeon, a new Crystalline Conflict map, more custom deliveries, UI improvements, and more.

Patch 6.35 will include the game’s third Deep Dungeon — one-to-four player randomised-layout dungeons with their own internal progression system — Eureka Orthos. Players will be required to be level 81 or above, have completed the “Endwalker” main scenario quest, and have progressed to floor 50 of the Palace of the Dead Deep Dungeon to access Eureka Orthos. There will also be new tool enhancement quests for crafting and gathering jobs, as well as new content, rewards, and quality of life improvements for the Island Sanctuary.

Final Fantasy XIV will also be getting an expansion to its housing system with additional housing wards. Each world will receive 1,800 new plots from the addition six new regular wards with six subdivisions. These plots will be sold through the lottery system, with details on the distribution between Free Company and private plots to be announced later. Finally, there are now four new worlds on the game’s North American data center with the addition of the Dynamis logical data center earlier this month.



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