Star Ocean: The Divine Force Trailers Introduce Marielle, Malkya

Following its recent release of a new Mission Report video with associated details and screenshots, Square Enix released two new character trailers for tri-Ace’s Star Ocean: The Divine Force. The first video introduces Marielle L. Kenny, who is the first officer of the Pangalactic Federation starship Astoria that begins the game attacking protagonist Raymond Lawrence’s ship Ydas. The attack forces him to escape to the remote planet Aster IV, with Marielle also venturing down onto the planet.

The second video introduces Malkya Trathen. She is the leader of the Trathen, one of the native races on Aster IV that lives on the southern continent of Nihlbeth. She is highly intelligent and, like other Trathen, is able to use her malleable body to take on different forms.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force lets players choose which of the two main characters to be the primary protagonist, and the game unfolds from their perspective. Each character will be joined by different companions through the game.  Like previous entries, the game features an action combat system. It also includes seamless transition from exploration — which includes the ability to take to the air — into combat. Star Ocean: The Divine Force will release physically and digitally for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on October 27, 2022.




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