Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: Trials of the Dragon King Details, Media Released

Square Enix and Team Ninja released details and media for the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins Trials of the Dragon King DLC ahead of its launch. The update covers the content included in the DLC, which is the first of three pieces of DLC included within the game’s season pass. Trials of the Dragon King releases on July 20, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

Trials of the Dragon King introduces two new characters. Bahamut is the king of dragonkind and sets trials for brave warriors. After taking an interest in Jack and his companions, Bahamut offers them his strength. Meanwhile the Warrior of Light is one of a group looking to restore light to the four crystals to save the world.



The DLC includes three new jobs and a new weapon type. Summoner lets players call Bahamut himself into battle, where he can unleash powerful attacks while players can increase the duration of the summon by attacking enemies to regain MP. Evoker calls a spirit into battle that automatically attacks foes and can unleash special abilities upon command, also acting as support to hinder enemies and restore the party’s HP. Pilgrim makes use of the new staff weapon and can extend the length of the staff and grab enemies, letting players close in from a distance or drag a specific enemy from a group.

Trials of the Dragon King also features new gameplay mechanics. It adds a new accessories equipment type. One accessory can be equipped to each battle set and grant new abilities not found on weapons and armour. It also lets players change classes from the job tree screen. There are two classes — evocation and ultima — which can power up job actions in different ways, with new abilities available to learn by using a rat tail. Finally, for those playing on hard or higher difficulty, weapons that they pick up can be imbued with chaos. This grants them new special abilities more powerful than their regular ones.



The DLC adds a new Bahamut difficulty setting. When using this setting, a new Bahamut tab is added to the menu. It contains three options. Trials of the Dragon King gives players challenging battles where they have to fight with hindering effects. Completing the trial grants dragon treasures in addition to raising the trial rank that makes it easier to find chaos-imbued equipment. Meanwhile, the Exchange Shop lets players exchange their dragon treasures for items and equipment, and Conversations with Bahamut features conversation events that unlocks new missions and main story content.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is a reimagining of the first title in the Final Fantasy series and is developed by Koei Tecmo’s Team Ninja division. It follows Jack and his companions as they aim to restore the light to the crystals of the kingdom of Cornelia at the behest of its king. Those looking to read more about Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin can check out Paul Shkreli’s review of the PlayStation 5 version.




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