More Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Details, Media Revealed

Square Enix and Team Ninja released new information and images, as well as new trailers for upcoming action RPG Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. The update introduces fiends Kraken and Lich, shows new event scenes, provides some additional gameplay details, and reveals the Sunken Shrine and Cavern of Earth locations.

Kraken is the Fiend of Water and uses its long tentacles to attack in addition to rushing at players. Its abilities can steal buffs while its water-element attacks utilise the environment. Lich is the undead Fiend of Earth and uses spells and attacks that inflict status ailments. It can also inflict Curse, which saps the Break Gauge, and can summon skeletons to aid it.

Players can find new equipment from enemies and treasure chests. Each piece can have different job affinities or special effects, which means players can benefit from repeating missions in order to get equipment with better effects. Players can also use the blacksmith to add or upgrade a piece of equipment’s special effects. Materials for upgrading gear can be obtained as mission completion rewards or by dismantling unneeded pieces.

The update also introduces three advanced jobs: Red Mage, Berserker, and Samurai. Players can instantly swap between two assigned jobs during combat. Red Mage uses both white and black magic spells making them versatile. Its unique action is chainspell, which deals major damage and reduces the elemental resistance of enemies. Berserker is a melee-focused attacking job that uses axes and greatswords. Its berserk ability greatly increases its attack power while active but at the cost of losing the ability to use potions. Finally, Samurai focuses on recovering MP, which is used for combo abilities. Its unique meikyo-shisui action allows normal attacks and parrying to recover more MP.

Stanger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is a reimagining of the first title in the Final Fantasy series and follows the Warriors of Light, led by Jack, as they aim to restore the light to the crystals of the kingdom of Cornelia. The game is in development for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S and is set to be released physically and digitally on March 18, 2022.





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