RPG Maker Unite Details Switch Lines

Gotcha Gotcha Games released more details on the upcoming RPG Maker Unite creation suite. Also posting a new development blog post, the developer provided information on the suite’s Switch Lines system, which users can use to make event chains and game progress.

Switches are on/off variables used to track whether players have done certain actions and to help track their progress through games. While other variables (such as numbers) can be used to track progress, the binary nature of switches make them easier to tie to specific events. However, the number of switches used can quickly ratchet up and be hard to keep track of. RPG Maker Unite’s Switch Lines system, an extension of its Outline Editor, is designed to help users visually track the connections between sections of their game.

The Switch Line system automatically draws a line between any section that uses a switch and the corresponding section that uses it as a trigger. The system helps users connect events and switches, easily letting them directly access an event related to the switch. In addition, RPG Maker Unite adds the option to apply “Switch Item” triggers. These let users check whether the player has a particular item before progressing an event.

Gotcha Gotcha Games also announced that the PiXel ScaLer tool will be released on June 30, 2022. The tool, which lets users convert their existing graphics assets for use in RPG Maker Unite, will be available for free through the RPG Maker Unite website. Finally, the developer revealed the last two default characters included in the creation suite. Rosemary is a Paladin and a Knight Commander within the Holy City, while Rengnar is a Cataphract (heavy cavalry) who leads the Royal Knights.

RPG Maker Unite is currently planned to release on PC and Mac later this year and is available to wishlist now on Steam. It will be the first entry in the series to utilise the Unity engine. As with other entries, it will come with its own library of assets and pre-made database to help players create their own games.



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