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RPG Maker WITH Western Release Announced

NIS America is bringing the latest RPG Maker creation suite to North America and Europe. RPG Maker WITH will launch for Switch this year, with PS4 and PS5 versions to follow in 2025.

RPG Maker WITH Adds PS4, PS5 Versions

Gotcha Gotcha Games announced PS4 and PS5 versions of RPG Maker WITH. The versions will launch in Japan sometime after the creation suite’s Switch release.

RPG Maker Unite to Release This Week

Following its delay a few weeks ago, Gotcha Gotcha Games announced RPG Maker Unite’s launch is imminent. The creation suite will be available through the Unity Asset Store, with a Steam release to follow.

RPG Maker Unite Shows Addons

The latest details for RPG Maker Unite concern Addons. These function much the same as plugins from previous entries, with users also able to directly edit their creations’ source code.

RPG Maker Fes Servers Closing in March

NIS America announced that RPG Maker Fes’s servers will be shutting down alongside the 3DS eShop. RPGamers have until the end of March to download any games they wish to play.

The Witch’s House MV Heading to Consoles

DANGEN Entertainment announced horror RPG The Witch’s House MV is coming to consoles later this year. The game, a remake of 2012 title The Witch’s House, originally released for PC in 2018.

RPG Maker Unite Details Switch Lines

Gotcha Gotcha Games’ latest information for RPG Maker Unite covers its Switch Lines system. It is designed to let players more easily keep track of event and progression triggers.

RPG Maker Unite Announced

A new entry in the RPG Maker series is releasing this year. RPG Maker Unite will see the creation suite utilising the Unity engine.