RPG Maker Unite Details Updated Character Animations, Asset Systems

Gotcha Gotcha Games provided new details and images for the upcoming RPG Maker Unite creation suite. The latest update, accompanied by a new development blog post, provides details about the game’s new character animations and its graphical assets systems. Its new character animation system will allow users to specify the number of frames used for character animations, including a different number of frames for different views, with any number permitted provided it stays within the overall specified image size.

In addition, the game’s updated map editor revamps the categorisation of map tiles. These tiles are no longer bound to a specific tilesets. Users can now load tiles individually and group them into their own tile groups and import custom tile groups. Each tile can also be assigned properties including whether it is passable, animated, or causes damage to players.

RPG Maker Unite will also include the PiXel ScaLer tool (with the permission of creator Nononotyaya-san). This provides an automated conversion of pixel art sprites into higher resolution illustrations. The official release of the tool will not impact previous versions. Finally, the studio announced a new default character, Emeelia. She is a cleric and specialises in healing wounded soldiers.

RPG Maker Unite is currently planned to release on PC and Mac later this year and is available to wishlist now on Steam. It will be the first entry in the series to utilise the Unity engine. As with other entries, it will come with its own library of assets and pre-made database to help players create their own games.



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