RPG Maker Unite Shows Addons

Gotcha Gotcha Games provided some new details and images for RPG Maker Unite. The update, provided alongside a new development blog post, covers the creation suite’s Addons, extra scripts and code that can be shared and activated much the same as “plugins” used by the community on previous RPG Maker titles.

Addons have their own management screen in the UI, which lets player turns any installed Addon on or off at will. though their development and support are not officially supported by Gotcha Gotcha Games. In addition, players are also given the option to directly modify their game’s source code through a dedicated editor. With RPG Maker Unite using the Unity engine, both Addons and source code editing use C# programming language.

RPG Maker Unite is the first entry in the series to utilise the Unity engine. As with other entries, it will come with its own library of assets and a pre-made database to help players create their own games. It will also include template games, which players can modify and build upon. RPG Maker Unite is now planned to launch for PC and Mac in spring 2023, initially on the Unity Asset Store before launching on Steam at a later date.



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