RPG Cast – Episode 629: “Legally Distinct Ghost Rider”

Kelley goes down the Sega Strategy Game Rabbit Hole. Chris becomes a doily shill. And Josh wants Sega to release Valkyria Chronicles as many times as it takes until people like it!

Question of the Week
What RPG Crossover would you like to see?

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4 Responses

  1. Tobiasender Tobiasender says:

    Valkyrie x Valkyria

    The profile chronicles.

  2. I’d love a game that’s a crossover between the Tales series and Fire Emblem. Mostly, I would want it to star Tales characters (maybe Anna can make a significant cameo) with Fire Emblem gameplay in an original world. I think it would be neat to see Tales characters as Fire Emblem classes, and support conversations would take the place of skits.

    Although honestly, I would just be happy with a tactical/strategy RPG Tales of.

  3. plattym3 plattym3 says:

    Give me something Dragon Quest x Final Fantasy. In Japan and Asia, Itadaki Street had DQxFF games much like the US Fortune Street had DQxMario, but let’s get something with both DQ and FF in it. A fighter, another Minecraft clone, a puzzle game, something!

    • plattym3 plattym3 says:

      I’ve been missing Level-5 quite a bit. How about a Ni no Kuni x Yo-Kai Watch crossover? You (NOT AN ANNOYING KID), protagonist can travel between worlds. While you’re in the real world, you can collect Yo-Kai to battle with, while in the alternate world you can collect familiars or higgledies or whatever. Double the monster collecting for a double-dose of Level-5!

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