Death Trash Gets a Taste for Meat in New Trailer

Developer Crafting Legends has released a new trailer for post-apocalyptic pixel-art action RPG Death Trash. Players explore the planet Nexus that’s been overrun by cosmic horrors like the Fleshkraken, forcing remnants of humanity into enclosed habitats. Players customize their character and work to uncover the planet’s secrets of stone and flesh. The game features dark, mature themes, like harvesting gobs of meat while they’re still slithering across the floor, and having access to a puking skill.

Death Trash is in development for PC, Mac, and Linux, and will enter Early Access via Steam later this year. The game will be primarily focused on its single-player campaign but will also feature local drop-in split-screen multiplayer. The game is expected to spend about a year in Early Access, initially including the game’s first chapter.



Pascal Tekaia

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