RPGamer Round-Up: January 24 – January 30

Welcome to the latest edition of RPGamer’s round-up column, where we take a look back at some of the articles that we have posted over the previous week. This article is designed to give reminders of some interesting content and stories that our less regular visitors might have missed.


Editorial Content

In a tough year for many, video games helped provide plenty of much-needed solace, enjoyment, and heart. After taking our usual few weeks to fully digest the past year’s releases, RPGamer is proud to present our Best of 2020 awards.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla builds on the open-world RPG structure of previous entries, and creates one of the most engaging experiences in the genre. Jervon Perkins finds that while it’s not a perfect experience on the base Xbox One, it still holds up well as a late entry into the recent console era.

There’s never a dull moment for apprentice volunteer navy member Tilia. Ryan Costa reports back on his time joining her in exploring an interconnected archipelago for clues about missing family members as well as lost treasure in this charming retro action-adventure game.

Paul Shkreli was able to get an early look at the demo for adventure title Balan Wonderworld. The demo is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on January 28, 2021.

Major News

Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Online Studios unveiled more details for The Elder Scrolls Online’s year-long Gates of Oblivion event. Introductory dungeon DLC will launch in March, with the major expansion Blackwood to follow in June.

Developer Stormind Games has announced Batora: Lost Haven. The action RPG is themed around the balance of mind and body.

Alder’s Blood developer Shockwork Games unveiled its latest project. Nadir is a roguelike inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy.

The Utawarerumono duology is no longer available to purchase on the PlayStation Store. The removal comes as the result of the expiration of publisher Atlus’s licensing agreement.

After a long period of silence, Biomutant resurfaces with a release date. More info about the game should arrive before its release in May.



Other Selected Stories


This week in Q&A Quest the hosts dig further into the massive backlog of questions. They also discuss Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

The RPG Cast returns for more chat about what games the guests are playing and the latest RPG news. Anna Marie practices equal opportunity violence, Kelley fawns over Sidon Shark (do do do do), Robert is the destroyer of Vitas, Josh is stressed, Chris does some Neo Vision shaming, And Alex wonders why he allows this podcast on the site.


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