Neptunia Virtual Stars Shows Its Guest Vtubers

Idea Factory International released some new English screenshots and details for Neptunia Virtual Stars. The update focuses on the Vtubers who make guest appearances in the game.

Neptunia Virtual Stars focuses on the realm of idols. The game’s story takes place on planet Emote, where the group of goddesses is summoned to save the digital world from the Antis. The Vtubers are real-life internet personalities kidnapped by the Antis to destroy Emote’s content. By collecting V-Cubes from destroyed enemies called V-Hunters, players can rescue the Vtubers. Those who are rescued provide support in battle with their Guest Connect abilities. Vtubers can be located by using the Vtuber Search Comm at the expandable NeoTube Plaza. Expanding the plaza lets players collect Vtuber Cards, which contain special abilities.

The game also introduces Emotional Overdrive, a special mode with a gauge that fills up as players defeat enemies. Once this Emote Gauge fills up, players can unleash a powerful combo using Duet Skills. Attacking enemies during the Emotional Overdrive can result in a Special Roulette where players receive additional combat items or accessories. Meanwhile special MV Battles feature tough bosses with special background songs sung by the game’s virtual idols. During these players can meet conditions and unlock powerful Finish Drive chain attacks.

Neptunia Virtual Stars will launch on PlayStation 4 in North America on March 2, 2021, and in Europe on March 5, 2021. A worldwide PC release will follow on March 29, 2021.



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