Atom RPG: Trudograd Enters Early Access in May

AtomTeam has announced that its turn-based post-apocalyptic Atom RPG: Trudograd will enter a PC Early Access phase on Steam beginning May 11, 2020. The game is a stand-alone expansion to the team’s previous title, Atom RPG. It will feature an all new city to explore, multiple ways to resolve quests, multiple combat styles and character development options, and the ability to transfer a character from the previous installment, which the developers recommend to play beforehand.

In Atom RPG, humanity has clung onto a life in the wake of nuclear war between the USSR and the Western Bloc 22 years ago. With society collapsed and technology regressed, players control a rookie agent with ATOM, an organization charged with keeping the surviving humans safe. With Trudograd, a new threat arises, this time from without, as a massive meteor is now on a collision course with Earth. A trailer for the game is viewable below.



Pascal Tekaia

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