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ATOM RPG: Trudograd Releasing Next Week

After over a year in Early Access, ATOM RPG: Trudograd is fully launching next week. The title is a standalone sequel expansion to the Wasteland and Fallout-inspired ATOM RPG.

ATOM RPG Releasing on iOS

Post-apocalyptic title ATOM RPG is arriving on iOS very soon. The strategy RPG sees players exploring the Soviet wasteland after a nuclear war.

Atom RPG: Trudograd Enters Early Access in May

Nuclear apocalypse has served many a game as a way to set the stage for a grim narrative. But in Atom RPG: Trudograd, the surviving remnants of humanity must face an all new extinction level event.

ATOM RPG Available Now on Steam

The world has gone to hell and it’s up to the remaining few survivors to keep humanity from being wiped out. Create, explore, and uncover the secrets of the devastating nuclear war aftermath in ATOM RPG.