Swordhaven: Iron Conspiracy Kickstarter Campaign Underway

Independent developer AtomTeam launched a Kickstarter campaign for its CRPG Swordhaven: Iron Conspiracy. The game drawing inspiration from titles like Baldur Gate’s and Icewind Dale takes place in a fantasy world. The player assumes the role of a lone adventurer who sets out to explore the land of Nova Drakonia. During this journey, a dying man entrusts an artifact to the protagonist, which triggers a series of events leading to the discovery of a vast conspiracy.

Players can choose at any time to experience the battle system of Swordhaven: Iron Conspiracy either in turn-based or real time mode, with the ability to control up to five party members during battles. The game features combinations of stats for the characters instead of a class system, each combination providing a slightly different experience gameplay- and story-wise. Other ways to customise characters include mastering weapons, that have their own set of combat abilities, and equipping gears, that can be crafted similarly to several other items.

Swordhaven: Iron Conspiracy is in development for PC. The Kickstarter campaign aims for $36,000 (around $38,000) in funding and is set to run until May 10, 2024. Backers pledging at least €20 will receive a digital copy of the game (including Early Access). The game is planned to come to Steam Early Access later this year, with the release date of the full game set for the last quarter of 2025. A demo version of the title is available on Steam.



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