ATOM RPG Available Now on Steam

ATOM RPG is set in 1986 after the nuclear holocaust has ravaged the world. Players take control of one of the surviving humans in the game developed by AtomTeam. In this turn-based strategy-RPG, players get to create their own, unique character to explore the Soviet wasteland. The developers have said this game will be completely non-linear with every choice altering the story for distinct outcomes. There are no boundaries or invisible walls blocking exploration, so every location is available from the start. The hostile encounters range from mutated animals to to forest pirates, with over 250 quests available alongside numerous non-combat mini-games.

The ATOM RPG project was funded through Kickstarter, with an Early Access version released in 2017. The full version of the game released on Steam on December 19, 2018, at a price point of $14.99.


Source: Steam

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  1. sabin sabin says:

    Anyone tried this yet? The steam reviews seem very positive, but it looks pretty rough.

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