Trials of Mana Gets New Japanese Trailer, Demo, Classes

Square Enix released a new Japanese trailer for the upcoming Trials of Mana as well as announcing that a demo version will be made available worldwide tomorrow, March 18, 2020. New details and images have also been released concerning the game’s New Game Plus mode and a fourth set of character classes.

Trials of Mana’s New Game Plus will let players carry over money, link abilities, items, levels, and more into a new playthrough. New Game Plus is unlocked after completing an additional post-game story episode that begins at the Valsena Royal Library. The episode lets characters gain access to a fourth tier of character classes, which come in the following light and dark options:

  • Duran Divine Hero (Light), Berserker (Dark)
  • Angela Mystic Queen (Light), Spellbinder (Dark)
  • Kevin Beast King (Light), Annihilator (Dark)
  • Charlotte High Priestess (Light), Chaos Bringer (Dark)
  • Hawkeye Wardenkeep (Light), Vigilante (Dark)
  • Riesz Meteorite (Light), Brynhilder (Dark)

Trials of Mana is a full remake of the Super Famicom RPG Seiken Densetsu 3, which was first released in English in 2019 as part of the Collection of Mana bundle for the Nintendo Switch. The game is set to be released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on April 24, 2020. Those looking to read more about Trials of Mana can check out Michael Apps’ impression of a demo from PAX East.




Source: Gematsu, RPG Site


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