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Visions of Mana Coming Next Year

The Mana series is getting a brand new entry. The first new mainline title in over fifteen years, Visions of Mana is planned to launch in 2024.

Echoes of Mana Shutting Down

Square Enix announced another mobile RPG is closing soon. Echoes of Mana will end service in May, around a year after its launch.

Echoes of Mana Gets New Trailer

Echoes of Mana received a new trailer highlighting the mobile title’s action combat. The game is expected to release worldwide in spring 2022.

Legend of Mana Interview

Following the release of Legend of Mana’s remaster, RPGamer was given the opportunity to put some questions to series producer Masaru Oyamada. We were able to pick up some insights into the creation of the remaster, as well as the history and future ideas for the series.

Legend of Mana Gets Opening Movie

Square Enix’s E3 presentation gave RPGamers a glimpse at the opening movie for Legend of Mana Remastered. The game is right around the corner, and is scheduled for a worldwide release later this month.

Legend of Mana Remaster Announced

Square Enix made multiple appearances during today’s Nintendo Direct. One such appearance was the announcement of a Legend of Mana remaster, which releases in June.

Trials of Mana Now Available

Trials of Mana, the full remake of Seiken Densetsu 3, is now available worldwide. Its release is naturally accompanied by a new launch trailer.