Visions of Mana Appearing in August

Square Enix announced that its newest title in the Mana action RPG series, Visions of Mana, will release on August 29, 2024. The game will be available digitally for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. In addition physical editions will be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in North America and Europe, with PlayStation 4 physical versions also available in Europe. In addition to a standard edition, a $199.99 Collector’s Edition is exclusive to the Square Enix online store that contains:

  • Copy of the physical standard edition for PlayStation 4 (Europe only), PlayStation 5, or Xbox Series X|S
  • Sacred Beast Ramcoh plush (210mm × 300mm × 200mm)
  • Hardcover art book (A4, 80 pages)
  • Original soundtrack (5 CDs, plus bonus 5-track rearranged selection CD)
  • Collector’s box



Visions of Mana is the first new mainline entry in the action RPG series in over fifteen years. The Mana (aka Seiken Densetsu) series began in 1991 with the original Seiken Densetsu, which was released in North America as Final Fantasy Adventure and in Europe as Mystic Quest. Visions of Mana follows Val, a soul guard tasked with accompanying childhood friend Hinna as she journeys to the Tree of Mana for a ritual.

The game sees players controlling a three-person party from five playable characters, with an additional three characters accompanying them on the adventure. A new trailer and screenshots introduce two new playable characters — Palamena and Julei — as well Elemental Vessels, which house elemental power and can be used by players to change classes and gain new abilities. Players can also use the series’ returning Ring Menu, which lets players pause combat to strategise.




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