Tangledeep Gets Updated on Switch

Impact Gameworks has announced the Legend of Shara and Dawn of Dragons expansions for its roguelite RPG Tangledeep are now available for Nintendo Switch. Both expansions were released for the game’s PC version in 2019, with Legend of Shara being available for free to Switch owners. The trailers for both expansions can be viewed below.

Legend of Shara is a free expansion and includes a new story mode, self-contained dungeons called Wanderer’s Journey, remixed boss encounters, a thirteenth job class, and a raised level cap of 20. Dawn of Dragons will be purchasable via the eShop and will include more end game content, scenarios, bosses, and dungeons.

Tangledeep originally released on PC in 2018 before arriving on Switch in 2019. The game is a roguelike dungeon-crawler RPG that harkens to games from the 16-bit era.




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