Tangledeep Expansion Released

Impact Gameworks has released the first expansion for its roguelike dungeon-crawler Tangledeep. Legend of Shara is available now for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam and GOG.com. The expansion is priced at $7.99, with a 10% launch discount available on the expansion and a 30% discount available on the base game until April 11, 2019. Legend of Shara will also be released for Nintendo Switch later this year.

Legend of Shara acts as a prequel to the main story of Tangledeep and puts players in control of Shara, an NPC in the base game. Shara’s character progression is different to main protagonist Mirai’s as she does not gain experience or levels. Instead Shara can spend Job Points to upgrade her attributes.

Legend of Shara also introduces a new thirteenth class, the Calligrapher, which focuses on attacking and dodging. Meanwhile, a new NPC introduces Wanderer’s Journeys, which are randomly-generated dungeons consisting of between ten to fifty floors complete with new monsters and different rules about what players carry into the dungeon with them, such as their gear or current level. Completing a Wanderer’s Journey grants the player a powerful relic. Other major additions include upping the game’s level cap to 20 from 15 and adding a new post-game area titled Realm of the Gods.



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