RPG Backtrack Episode 216: Time After Time

Once upon a time, a Dream Team of RPG talent created something called Chrono Trigger.  Years later, a sequel called Chrono Cross made its way onto store shelves.  The tale of these two titles is told today.

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3 Responses

  1. pjthomas87 pjthomas87 says:

    I would just like to note here that back when I was just a youngin, there was a copy of Chrono Trigger being sold at Gamestop for around $80 used. I remember overhearing the transaction and thinking “ew, why on Earth would someone pay $80 for a shooter game? They’re all so bad!” Poor, naive me.

  2. Shaymin Shaymin says:

    The version I downloaded had a track missing at the second break, and I really hope that wasn’t Magus’s theme.

    Also, about the only way I could consistently get the “float away on the bell” ending was to fight Lavos by taking the Epoch to 1999 AD for the final fight (since you basically blow up Lavos’s head with it). I did also get the developer’s room ending by beating Lavos in his insane form at the Ocean Palace on a New Game+ run.

    And as someone who was still new to RPGs when he played Chrono Trigger for the first time, I must confess that I always New Game +’d my files. I didn’t actually beat the game legitimately for the first time until the DS version.

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