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RPG Music That Moved Us

We play games for their story and graphics, but what keeps popping up in our heads is the great music we heard over the decades. In this first edition, Erik, Lucas, Cassandra, Shannon, and Joe each pick a soundtrack that has made a lasting impression on them.

Chrono Trigger on Steam to Receive Patches

Released on Steam in late February, Chrono Trigger did not receive the time and attention many would think it deserves. To make up for it, Square Enix briefly outlines a plan for future support and development.

Chrono Trigger Released on Steam

An unexpected release has arrived this week. PC RPGamers can now check out one of the most beloved RPGs in history as Chrono Trigger hits Steam.

Chrono Trigger DS Review

Square finally ported Chrono Trigger to a current generation system, and it’s about time.