Pixel-Art Action RPG Unsouled Announced

PQube has released a trailer to announce Unsouled, a new 2D action RPG by one-man South Korean developer Me Gusta Games. Following the story of a boy and a girl who both have the mysterious ability to absorb the souls of the dead, Unsouled tasks players with mastering its fast-paced combat system and use the souls of their fallen foes to become stronger, improve combat abilities, and unlock new skills. The game aims to use environmental storytelling to show that, though their powers are the same, each uses different means to achieve very different ends.

Presented in a distinct pixel-art style, Unsouled is played from a top-down perspective. The game will also include an Unlimited Mode for players wishing to test themselves against unending waves of enemies. Unsouled is coming to PC via Steam in spring 2020. Players wishing to find out more can also visit the game’s official website.


Source: RPG Site

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