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Unsouled Launching This Month

Neowiz and Megusta Game’s Unsouled has a full release date. The fast-paced action RPG will launch on PC, Xbox One, and Switch in a few weeks after spending almost half a year in Early Access.

Unsouled Early Access Now Available

The Early Access version of Neowiz and Megusta Game’s Unsouled is now available. The full version is currently expected to release in Q2 2022.

Neowiz to Publish Unsouled

Neowiz has taken over as publisher for Megusta Game’s Unsouled. The action RPG will launch for PC later this year.

Pixel-Art Action RPG Unsouled Announced

Unsouled is a top-down, 2D pixel-art action RPG about using enemies’ souls to become stronger. Despite the obvious implications, the developer actually credits inspiration to Onimusha 2.