RPG Backtrack Episode 206: The Tell-tale Compile Heart

Founded as a subsidiary of Idea Factory, the Compile Heart company has been aiding and abetting a deluge of games over the years.  These titles range somewhat in quality, and our latest discussion is an attempt to give some useful background on the developer’s sizable catalog.

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3 Responses

  1. As someone who still hasn’t played a single Idea Factory/Compile Heart game, this was definitely an interesting trip down uncharted territory for me. It was certainly a roller coaster of emotions, I can say that much.

    P.S. Thanks for giving my Sword & Fairy 6 review a shout-out

  2. Sakurangel Sakurangel says:

    Before my speech about compile, here is something I have to said. Sorry for my misspelling text on previous episodes comments. Breath of the wild really don’t played yet, between world I like. Perdona5. I can’t stand morgana and his ***** of, oh go to sleep. Oh you can’t go outside. Oh need to study? You can’t, go to sleep. And for some reason I can bring my self to finishing the game. O don’t have that issue with persona 3 or 4. Not on compile XD.
    Oh boy i enjoy every minute. yes every aspect and misstep on their games has been mentioned and like apps. Rebirth3 just has to much funny dialogues and almost no action. If you like to have a chronological line of the neptunias games here is one .

    The original HDN /rebirth1, mk2/rebirth2, victory/ rebirth3, Vii/ViiR (vii is in reality the 7th game to be realized) the VR aspect in ViiR is just for the date some like conversation with the girls in the game. Don’t need to have the sets
    To play the game and also ViiR change the battle mecanic a Little but compare with the other games.
    The rest of the games are spin off in their on universe o dimension (that Vii try to connect) but can be ignore.
    Now for the big no no of the night. Mary skelter. Mike again. Thanks for the review and to hear your experience. And if you really like. I can buy you Mary skelter 2 full price for the System you like you enjoy it and even I will take you to the hospital if anything horrible happen to you.(not really y will buy you the game)
    Thanks of another great episode guys

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