Neverinth Begins Life on Steam Early Access

Taiwanese developer CreAct Games and publisher Another Indie have announced the upcoming arrival of an all-new action RPG with roguelike elements. Neverinth: The Never Ending Labyrinth invites players to explore a post-apocalyptic Norse mythology on Steam Early Access later this month. Ragnarok has come and gone, the Norse gods are dead, and the world has ended. In a last effort to save the world and rebuild the sacred halls of Valhalla, Yggdrasill, the world tree, has summoned a daring Valkyrie to enter the eponymous labyrinth and face the challenges within.

Neverinth will feature fast-paced combat, allowing players to unlock the weapons and skills of the fallen gods to help conquer the ever-changing labyrinth. Each of the five Valkyries, two of whom will be playable during the game’s Early Access phase, will have unique abilities and histories to uncover. Neverinth will be available for PC on April 30, 2019.



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