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Temtem Coming to PS5 Early Access in December

Temtem is getting a console Early Access version to join its currently ongoing Steam Early Access campaign. The PS5 Early Access version will launch in December and include cross-play with the PC version.

Wildermyth Early Access Adds New Story Campaign

Wildermyth is billed as a character-driven, procedurally-generated tactical RPG and is currently in Steam Early Access. A new update adds a new story campaign to the Early Access version.

Blightbound Update Adds AI Allies

Developer Ronimo Games released a new Steam Early Access update for co-op action RPG Blightbound. The update adds AI allies, as well as a new playable character.

The Waylanders Gives First Look at Medieval Era

After spending time showcasing the Celtic Era, Gato Salvaje Studio has finally shown some of The Waylanders’ Medieval Era. The game, currently in Early Access, is set to fully launch next year.

Blightbound Early Access Impression

RPGamer was given the chance to check out Blightbound on Steam Early Access. It’s way too early to draw any real conclusions about the game, but it should offer some enjoyable action to those looking to hack through enemies with a couple of friends.

Edge of Eternity Enters Beta Phase

Midgar Studio’s Edge of Eternity has entered its beta phase. The Steam Early Access version now contains roughly half of the planned content for the full release and is on sale for a limited time.