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Superfuse Gets Gameplay Trailer

Stitch Heads and Raw Fury released a new trailer for comic book-inspired action RPG Superfuse. The minute-long video introduces the Corruption before showing how players can take it down.

Sigil of the Magi Heading to Early Access

Tactical deckbuilder Sigil of the Magi is coming to Steam Early Access later this year. Players control a party of three champions, obtaining and upgrading skills through encounters.

Life Sim RPG Immortal Life on Steam Early Access

2P Games and developer YiFang Studios’ Immortal Life is now available on Steam Early Access. The game is a Chinese fantasy life sim RPG where players help their Taoist settlement grow.

Peglin Hits Steam Early Access

Pachinko roguelike Peglin is now available on Steam Early Access. The game is expected to fully launch in around a year, with a demo available for players to try out.

Holomento Now on Early Access

Permadeath action RPG Holomento is now on Steam Early Access and GOG.com Games in Development. The game is expected to spend a year in Early Access while receiving monthly updates.

Beamdog Announces MythForce, Acquired by Aspyr

Beamdog announced a brand new title, 1980s cartoon-inspired MythForce, which is getting an Early Access release next week. The reveal was swiftly followed by news that Aspyr Media has acquired the studio.