Thyria Hits Early Access This Week

Indie French developer Twokats and publisher GrabTheGames have revealed turn-based RPG Thyria will be making its way to Steam Early Access on February 29, 2024. The initial Early Access version will feature the first two chapters of the story. The game, which has been worked on since 2018, does not have a full release date as of this writing.

Thyria is set in a village consumed by a curse, where players must guide the titular character through a procedurally-generated isometric map, expanding her array of weapons as progress is made. The game features a time management mechanic that affects the behavior of enemies depending on whether it’s day or night. Players must fight monsters by summoning guardians, with up to fourteen guardians to unlock, each one having its own set of unique abilities and spells. Guardians can be customized by choosing, combining, and assigning spells to them.



Naeem Ali

I have been gaming since I received the Sega Master System as a young child, which was the first console I ever owned (Yes, I am that old). The game that got me into RPGs was Final Fantasy VIII, a game that I still adore to this day. My favorite RPG of all time, however, is Shadow Hearts on the PS2. I do have many other interests outside of gaming as well, such as watching old-school wrestling, Reading books, 80s movies.... or anything 80s related as a matter of fact.

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