Enshrouded Welcomes its Second Early Access Update

Developer and publisher Keen Games released the second Early Access update for its survival action RPG Enshrouded. The update, titled “Melodies of the Mire”, adds a new location called the Blackmire, which is an expansion of the Revelwoods and comes with new enemies and new materials. The materials gathered in the Blackmire serve among other things to build new decorations, new furniture, and the recently introduced musical instruments. Players can use instruments during campfire to benefit from buffs during their adventures.

Melodies of the Mire also adds dual-wielding daggers, system improvements on Steam Deck, and gives players the possibility to name their Flame Altars and bases as well as to show their character names instead of their Steam account while playing. The full details pertaining to the update can be found here.

Enshrouded sees players awaken in the open world of Embervale as the “Flameborn”, the last hope of an ancient civilisation whose people have been driven to madness and controlled by the Shroud. The game features single-player as well as co-op for up to sixteen players, including dedicated server options. Enshrouded is set to remain on Steam Early Access until its full PC release in 2025, with console versions planned to follow later. Those looking to read more about the title can check out Alex Fuller’s preview of the game.



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